At $9,500 Solid Gold Tomas Veres Pantheon Comb Is The World’s Most Expensive

Tomas Veres Pantheon Comb

My hair goes crazy at the mere sight of humidity. Only the best shampoo, conditioner, hair oil and a good dryer and hair straightener combo can control it. Maybe I have found the solution to this eternal problem thanks to Slovakian company, Tomas Veres. They are in the business of making high-end combs from precious materials, one, in particular, looks promising to combat bad hair days – Pantheon 14-karat solid pink gold. There is just one small problem, Tomas Veres Pantheon Comb costs an arm and a leg at €9,000 (about $9,566). No blue-chip comb for me, I will continue to look for an alternative.

Tomas Veres Pantheon Comb

You don’t have to go the solid gold route if you don’t want to. The Pantheon Collection also includes combs made from sterling silver (€1,100), rhodium plated (€1,100) and rose gold (€9,000). Befitting a fancy comb, each comes with an ostrich leather case made in Italy by skilled artisans, and they have the same high-end finish of Italian made handbags.

Cases are offered in green, purple and red – so in total, there are 12 different comb+case combos to choose from. Each combo is limited to 800 individually numbered pieces, you can also customize the case with an engraving of your initials or a message. Comb measures 130mm W x 35mm L – this is plenty of comb for long or short hair. Visit Tomas Veres to place your order.


Source: Luxury Launches

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