Tiffany Central Park Picnic Basket And Wine Carrier For Summer Picnics

The spring has sprung and the glorious summer is forcing its way in, consider it your clue to get ready for summer entertainments in the outdoors. If luxury is on your mind, what better way to go out on a picnic than carrying your necessities in a Picnic Basket and a Wine Carrier from Tiffany & Co.

The Central Park Picnic Basket, made in Italy with wicker and smooth leather will cost you a pretty penny with its price tag of $3,450, however, this is also one of the most luxurious picnic baskets you are ever going to find. Cotton lined basket features leather straps in Tiffany’s trademark blue and palladium-plated solid brassware. Packed in the basket are picnic essentials, two Tiffany Weave bread plates and dessert plates, Hampton cheese knife and server in silver, a bottle stopper, Century corkscrew, two Reidel wine glasses and two canvas napkins and a merino wool blanket in a leather carrier. The single handle basket measures 20″W x 7.5″D x 14.25”H.

Tiffany Picnic Basket

The Central Park Wine Carrier also made from Italian wicker features Tiffany blue leather straps, palladium plated hardware and cotton-lined interiors. It comes filled with two stemless Riedel wine glasses, a Tiffany & Co sterling silver corkscrew and two striped canvas cocktail napkins. Wine Carrier measures 10.5″W x 5.25″D x 14”H. Matching luxury wine carrier to go with the picnic basket costs $1,450.

Tiffany Wine Carrier Tiffany Picnic Basket and Wine Carrier 2

Source: Tiffany & Co

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