World’s Most Luxurious Whisky Carrier – Limited Edition Macallan x URWERK Flask

Macallan x URWERK Flask

High-end watches are not the only thing to showcase at the Baselworld – this year, a luxury cigar humidor with a cool $1million price tag is also making the trip to Basel. Swiss watchmaker URWERK has teamed up with Scottish whiskey maker Macallan to design and create a special flask, a unique and innovative piece of luxury named, the Macallan x URWERK Flask. Each of the limited edition flasks features 156 intricate parts made from machined aluminium, titanium, and stainless steel, and arrives in a custom design box packed with interesting hi-tech features.

Macallan x URWERK Flask

Ken Grier, Creative Director, The Macallan, said; “Our latest collaboration with pioneering watchmaker URWERK has created a remarkable flask beyond imagination. Just like time is fundamental in the making of The Macallan as each bottle distils and captures a moment in time, URWERK uses the same mastered process to create its own vision of time.”

From outside this looks like a single flask, however, there are two titanium tanks sitting next to each other inside the case, making it easier to carry two different whiskey expressions at once. It also has an interesting stainless steel mouthpiece with a spring-loaded directional, which effortlessly switches between the two tanks. Engineers at URWERK also borrowed from rocket science (really!) to create the unique “Winglets” flaps stand. There are two indicators to help identify the contents inside – a cask type wheel and a whiskey age/wood type wheel.

Macallan x URWERK Flask

Martin FREI, URWERK co-founder, and chief designer said: “When we were offered the opportunity to collaborate on this adventure we immediately said yes to the challenge. I knew the flask had to be exciting and daring, while also providing pleasure and I envisioned an object with complex simplicity, just like a good whiskey – a flask mirroring its content where people can take it in their hand and then start their journey of discovery.”

Priced at £2,000 (about $2,450), the Macallan x URWERK Flask is limited to up to 500 units worldwide and available to purchase at Macallan online store. Meanwhile, those of you making the trip to Baselworld make sure stop by at URWERK to take a look at their amazing new timepieces.

Source: URWERK

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