The $42,000 Jackie Chan Oro-Amaranto 14-Karat Gold Limited Edition Snow Skis Unveiled

Jackie Chan Oro-Amaranto Skis

Foil Skis launch a line of snow skis in Jackie Chan’s – the film legend’s – honor

This stunning new ski – the limited edition $42,000 Jackie Chan Oro-Amaranto Skis featuring certified Amaranto wood with 14-karat gold plated bindings- was developed especially for Jackie Chan and was precisely tuned to Jackie’s physical abilities and skiing preferences. It also features a top layer of Purpleheart wood which was personally selected by Jackie.

Apart from Jackie’s personal preference, Purpleheart wood is used in the ski for its extremely dense and water-resistant capability. The Purpleheart trees are prized for their beautiful heartwood which, when cut, quickly turns from a light brown to a rich purple. When the wood is exposed to sunlight, it darkens to a brown with a slight mix of purple. The dry wood is believed to be perfect for the flex of the ski.

Jackie Chan Oro-Amaranto Skis

The limited edition “Jackie Chan Oro-Amaranto” package includes a souvenir book and certificate signed by Jackie. Also included with all ski packages is an incredible travel bag created by Foil. The custom designed bags are hand-stitched by leather craftsmen in Italy and are made in 3 sizes. They come with a full-length heavy-duty zipper, carrying handle, front pull handle, and hidden wheels.

It was Andreas Pichler’s and Nikolaus (Klaus) Heidegger’s mutual love for sport, nature, and movement that inspired them to create Foil Skis. Andreas Pichler is a fifth-generation artist and designer specializing in woodcarving, sculpture and various fields of design.  As an award-winning designer, artist and competitive alpine skier, he took on Foil’s legendary foundation with his team of master craftsmen, designers, and athletes and shaped Foil into what it is today.

Jackie Chan Oro-Amaranto Skis

Every product created through Foil is unique, and they customize their skis for each buyer. From the first class inlaid initials to the vintage lock, classic flask and the monogrammed leather bag, Foil personalizes all elements of the ski packages they sell.

Foil Skis offers some signature ski creations like Classico, Rossastro, Bianco, Moca, and Riserva. Each crafted from premium materials and exquisitely unique: the Classico version is an all-mountain ski, the Rossastro and Bianco are made from Blond African Rosewood and Mahogany, Moca skis are made from African Rosewood and the Riserva is for slalom skiing.

Source: Forbes

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