Floating $30,000 Teles Taxídi Coffee Table Is Perfect For Apple’s $300 Book

Teles Taxídi Floating Coffee Table

When you buy Apple’s recently released $300 coffee table book “Designed by Apple in California” you will at least have to consider buying a new coffee table, priced appropriately to match that of the book. Siren Design Studio, located pretty close to Apple in Seattle in Washington State has that perfect coffee table, the Teles Taxídi (Perfect Journey). A piece of gravity defining, high-tech furniture priced $30,000.

Teles Taxídi Floating Coffee Table Designed to work like a hoverboard, the table has some serious engineering moves. Thanks to two massive gravity defying rare-earth magnets, it can float almost 2 inches above its base. The mechanism is also helped by +1,000 lbs Kevlar cord, they hold the magnets in place while allowing the two-tier cable system to leverage magnetic forces against the glass top. According to the company, this has never been done before.

Teles Taxídi Floating Coffee Table In addition to Designed by Apple in California book, it is pretty strong enough to hold drink glasses, laptops, and whatnots. There is no doubt the Teles Taxídi is a great conversation piece, if not the unique design and magic by way of floating, the $30,000 price tag will.

Source: Luxatic

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