“Teforia” The $1,500 World’s Smartest Tea Maker Ready For Prime Time


The world has seen its fair share of high-tech and high-end espresso brewing systems, but it wasn’t the case with tea. Preparing tea has always been a simple affair – boil some water, add some leaves, wait for three minutes or so, and serve. Options include drinking it with or without milk and sugar. An effort to change this is underway and the Teforia Brewing System is the result of one such effort.

This smart tea maker arrives with tech pedigree. Its creator Allen Han worked as a designer for Xbox 360 and Amazon. Han, correctly notes there has not been any innovations in tea making since the introduction of teabag 100 years ago. With Teforia he found a way to bring out the best in tea – “in taste and quality of experience”. To achieve this goal he spent more than 3 years developing the unit.


Speaking to Robb Report he explained, “Loose-leaf tea is an amazing ingredient, but it requires time and patience to master it. We wanted to make it easy for tea lovers and introduce them to all that they have been missing out on.”

Teforia enhances taste and quality to levels we never experienced before and allows drinkers to enjoy true flavors and make use of all the nutrients. It comes with pre-installed recipes prepared by a team of tea masters, tea growers, and scientists. Being a minicomputer has advantages – its infuser can read labels on tea packages and decide which recipe to use. For different tea varieties, it is programmed to take into account brewing time, temperature and the amount of water required. All one has to do afterward is enjoy the cuppa. Not even this diamond-studded teapot can give you that quality.


The brewer has its own proprietary software called Selective Infusion Profile System (SIPS). The Handsome space-saving unit has an infusion globe and a carafe made from borosilicate glass reinforced with BPA-free plastic. The high-tech machine also has iOS and Android apps to help enhance the tea-drinking experience. You can wirelessly customize recipes, get new recipes, order online and connect with other tea aficionados from around the world.

It has a $1,500 price tag befitting a top of the line unit. The Teforia launch date is set for the end of fall. Until then visit their website for more info and inquiries.


Source: Robb Report

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