Swarovski-Studded LEGO Sculptures By Cimon To Go On Display In Hong Kong

Australian born New York City-based artist Cimon is taking his beautiful sculptures to Hong Kong this holiday season. The exhibition scheduled to run from November 16 to December 26 at Landmark North, Sheung Shui will display 18 of his works, including 12 creations from his “Little Love Stories” collection and the world premiere of the “Holiday Town” sculpture.

Cimon’s stunning sculptures are created in vibrant colors with attention to great detail using regular LEGO bricks and Swarovski crystals. Once he builds a set with LEGO bricks and figures and decorations are placed, a metal finish is applied to the sculpture. Sparkling Swarovski crystals are then carefully set to complete the sculpture. One of his famous commissioned works includes the “Love, Paris” LEGO motorcycle studded with pink Swarovski elements he made for Paris Hilton last year.

According to Cimon, inspirations for his work in bright, vibrant colors and beauty come from the lush Sydney suburb he grew up in. He decided to stay in New York after completing studies at Parsons School of Design. Away from paintings and sculptures he also works with luxury brands such as Perrier-Jouët champagne and Absolut Vodka. However, nowadays his work concentrates mainly on Swarovski studded LEGO sculptures.

Here is a sneak-peek at few of the items to go on display.

Donald Trump White House
Cimon - White HouseStarted as a commissioned project, the deal fell through after “The Donald” decided not to run for US President. Cimon decided to complete the project anyway. An admirer of Donald Trump, he wanted to use this as a carrot to encourage him to run for president, but Trump decided otherwise. It was said 800 crystals studded white, green and yellow set was sculpted on the assumption how would Donald Trump redecorate White House had he run and won? After some thought Cimon decided, correctly, it would have been an all blingy White House.

Stop In The Name Of Love
Cimon - Stop in the Name of LoveA busy school crosswalk with shiny sports cars and a big truck, waiting for kids to cross to the other side. Carefree kids in colorful caps and backpacks. Cimon wants you to be careful and pay attention when near a school crossing in your big fancy vehicle.

Making Love
Cimon - Making LoveA love story as told by Cimon. A scene at a love assembling factory. Hearts in all shapes and sizes made and delivered by trucks of all shapes and sizes. A big truck and a small truck, overflowing with their valuable cargo on their way to deliver love.

Love Comes Around
Cimon Art's Swarovski Crystallized SculputresAnother story told with LEGOS and Swarovski crystals. A favorite piece among adults and children alike, the carousel is full of miniature details. The animated carousal goes round and round as a carousel should be with its horses, carriages, and children. Shown in detail are the kids on the grass waiting for their turn for a ride.

Holiday Town
Cimon - Holiday TownMaking its debut at the exhibition is the Holiday Town. A wonderful creation and the centerpiece of the exhibition, it shows a small town built of LEGO and encrusted with Swarovski crystals. The small town consists of an ice skating rink, a Santa’s workshop, a hotel, a grocer and a shopping emporium. A small train makes rounds around the town. Continuing with the love theme, in the town center stands a large crystal heart. Buildings and floors in the town are filled with holiday cheer.

A big undertaking, it took Cimon over a year to construct the sculpture with hard-to-find limited edition LEGO sets.  Measuring at 9 sq ft and for the price of $100,000 Cimon hopes this will count as an ultimate Christmas gift on someone’s gift list.  Watch the Holiday Town video here.

Source: PR Log

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