Swarovski Crystal Studded Mickey Mouse And Hello Kitty In Limited Edition

Swarovski Studded Mickey and Hello Kitty 1

For collectors as well as those older boys and girls, Swarovski has released two new dazzling items for this festive season – Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty adorned in colorful crystals. The limited edition Mickey Mouse of the collection is made in the likeness of his appearance in the Disney movie Fantasia. In the movie he plays a magician. Swarovski hand applied 35,000 sparkling crystals on Mickey. Each piece comes engraved with its own edition number and presented in a premium blue suitcase with a certificate of authenticity. Priced at $8,900, only 150 pieces are available worldwide.

Swarovski Studded Mickey and Hello Kitty 2

Hello Kitty with a blue balloon is adorned with 13,000 Swarovski crystals, all hand-set. It is crafted in Swarovski’s unique Pointiage technique. Only 1,974 pieces of Kitty are made, this number is significant for Hello Kitty who was born in 1974 and turned 40 this year. Swarovski-studded Kitty come with a $3,200 price tag.

Swarovski Studded Mickey and Hello Kitty 3

Source: Swarovski 

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