Limited Edition Swarovski Crystal Studded Donald Duck Collectible

Swarovski Crystal Donald Duck

Donald Duck collectibles come in many forms including soft toy variations from Disney. Occasionally it also arrives in more expensive forms such as this crystal encrusted collectible that costs $8,900. Swarovski has once again covered a beloved Disney character in their favorite red, white, blue, yellow and gold crystals. Applied using Swarovski’s patented Pointiage technique, the Donald figurine in sure to attract cartoon as well as Disney enthusiast. Limited to just 150 pieces worldwide, it joins Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty as other beloved characters to receive special crystal treatment from Swarovski.

The Swarovski Donald Duck stands tall (or short, depending on your personal view!) on a black pedestal and measures 9 4/8 x 4 15/16 x 4 5/16 inches. Available online at


Source: Luxury Launches

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