Stylish Rondo Stand For Your Cool Cat To Rest

Rondo Stand 1

Spoil your little kitty with the Rondo Stand from Pet Interiors. The Rondo tree in addition to giving your privacy minded cat a quiet place to rest, also double up as its place to play and romp. The Rondo pod can be used in couple different ways, as a height adjustable stand or mounted to the wall. The cat pod is fashionably designed to blend in with interiors of your home. The Rondo also come with replaceable scratch-wrapping made from durable needle felt on it, so you don’t have to keep a scratch post for your cat to sharpen its claws.

Rondo Stand 2

For cats comfort, the Rondo come with a pillow. The removable brushed wool fleece pillow cover is machine washable at 30°. Replacement covers are offered in multitude of eye catching colors. The pod is available in many different materials too – felt, leather, wicker, leatherette and crochet. Customizable Rondo cat basket measures in inches 19L x 18.1W x 13 H and weighs about 48 lbs. The total height with the stand is 31.5 inches with base plate diameter at 19.7 inches.

Made entirely in Germany, pricing for Rondo with stand starts at $774 and wall mounted at $515. Price include free shipping to US and Canada.

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Source: Luxury Launches and Pet Interiors

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