This Summer Increase Your Cool Quotient With Stylish Coleman Leather Coolers

Coleman Leather Coolers

There are all types of fancy coolers that you can take with you on a hot sunny day to the beach, park, river and to your backyard bbq. Maybe you already have one made of stainless steel or plastic. I suggest it is time for you to rethink your cooler strategy and go for an upgrade. Trade-in your plain old one with a Coleman Leather Cooler to fit your new found luxury lifestyle – pack it with Champagnes, wines, imported beers and San Pellegrinos and have a fancy alfresco with friends in the backyard garden.

The Coleman Leather Coolers are available in three sizes to fit any budget and needs. The coolers come with insulated interiors. They are covered top to bottom in hand-stitched dark brown leather that with time sure to improve its appeal. The smaller cooler has a 10 liter capacity, medium 54 liters and the large 66 liters. All coolers feature matching leather handles, while the medium and large ones come with draining spouts.

Priced between $385 and $1,495, Coleman Leather Coolers are available for purchase online at Jason Home.


Source: Stupid Dope

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