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Safety of your valuables should never be taken lightly, I know I don’t have to tell you that. German manufacturer of high-tech safes STOCKINGER and British manufacturer of high-end automobiles Bentley have got together back in 2008 to create a range of safes that integrate distinguish styles of both companies. The result is the state-of-the-art “STOCKINGER for Bentley” safes. And now they have a new limited edition collection of 200 safes in two models – with and without watch winders.

Customization selections for Bentley safes are inspired by interiors and exteriors of Bentley cars. Available options include Bentley exterior colors, ten suede linings, and three wood finishes. Following the same steps applied in Bentley interiors, veneers of safes are primed, painted, sanded and repainted by hand 18 times and application of carnuba wax completes the finishing process. The full process of making a bespoke safe takes several weeks.

Bentley Stockinger Safe 5

Safes are constructed to give maximum security that features double bolt work, special barriers and STOCKINGER’s patented Stocktronic keypad system. The Stocktronic keypad can be connected to any alarm system to trigger a “silent alarm” thus providing additional security. The safe also features a bolt mechanism that locks the safe on all four sides and in case of an emergency will self-bolt permanently. The Bentley “B” brass handle on safe itself weighs a hefty 7.7 lbs and it’s been sanded, polished, chromed and lacquered to give a better grip.

Meeting highest standards of German and international insurance companies STOCKINGER safes carry a VDS security rating of EN 1143-1. You can request additional information and pricing here.

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Source: Bentley and Stockinger

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