Raise A Beer Toast With Stella Artois Limited Edition Crystal Chalice $500

If you wish, this Christmas you can toast a beer from a Stella Artois Limited Edition Crystal Chalice, though the age-old custom is to drink beer straight from a can or a bottle. Sometimes you have to give up something to be posh, this is one such occasion. Just imagine having a frothy glass of Belgium beer in a fancy glass hand-made in Turkey, adorned with sparkling crystals and a platinum ring in Austria, and you raise a beer toast in New York or Sao Paolo. And you are one of the first pioneering posh beer drinkers in the world!

Stella Artois Crystal Chalice 5

It is not just the looks in play with Stella Artois beer chalice, there is a science behind its curves too. The curve helps the release of aromas and its star stem keep it colder for longer. The glasses at first introduced as part of window installations in London and New York before it was turned in to a limited edition holiday-exclusive.

Available at Fancy.com for $500 per chalice, only those over 21 years are entitled to order. Available in the US, UK, Canada, Brazil, China, Belgium and other countries. A perfect gift for beer drinkers, the delicate chalice must be handle with care, as in hand wash only.

Stella Artois Crystal Chalice 3 Stella Artois Crystal Chalice 6

Source: Just Luxe

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