Starbucks Korea Celebrates Chinese New Year With Cute Rooster Merchandise

Starbucks Korea Rooster Merchandise

Koreans celebrate Chinese New Year too! Ever since Starbucks arrived at the Korean cafe scene they are doing it bigly with special editions. For the upcoming Year of the Rooster celebrations, the coffee chain has released a collection of coffee accessories for their Korean customers. The exclusive New Year Rooster collection feature mugs, tumblers, bottles, bottle covers, Teddy Bears, totes and plates in a white, maroon and purple color theme. There is also a gold colored travel mug, in a nod to the important role, gold play in Chinese culture.

A trio of cheery Rooster ceramic mugs. Put your Starbucks coffee or hot cocoa in it and cozy up on a cold day. Starbucks Korea Rooster Merchandise

Everyone needs to get one of these Rooster Egg mugs make their favorite brew! White and maroon color combination get a bling boost by its gold-painted feet. Starbucks Korea Rooster Merchandise

This is more than a mug. Starbucks Korea’s Demi Rooster Mug looks a lot like an Egg Server, and I sure would use this as one. Starbucks Korea Rooster Merchandise

Now this is a great bottle cover. There is a lot of insulation in this and the bottle that doesn’t come with the cover looks very very cute! Starbucks Korea Rooster Merchandise

No Chinese New Year merchandise is complete without a smudge of gold in it. So, here is a gold-painted tumbler along with familiar white and maroon Rooster tumblers. Starbucks Korea Rooster Merchandise

Finally from Rooster merchandise collection a cute Teddy Bear to cuddle with and the Rooster Tote bag to carry your stuff around every day. Starbucks Korea Rooster Merchandise

Source: Starbucks Korea

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