Starbucks Japanese Geography Series Combines The Taste & Aroma Of Coffee With Sensuous Visuals

Starbucks Japan Geography Series

Japan’s Five Prefectures on Coffee Mugs

Starbucks in Japan has introduced five new coffee-ware designs inspired by Japan’s five geographical prefectures: Nara, Tochigi, Gifu, Nagasaki, and Oita. Each prefectures geography is featured on dine-in drinking mugs, tumblers, and stainless steel bottles. While each respective prefecture will be using these coffee-ware designs to serve the international coffee chain’s addictive and popular coffee-concoctions (without which to be honest most of us cannot get out of bed in the morning), the illustrated coffee-ware of outside prefectures will only be available in limited numbers for service.

One look and you will be convinced that the visual presentations of the designs on the Starbucks Japanese Geography Series coffee-ware are smooth, soothing and travel-beckoning. When you give each design a close look you will see intricate details such as these…

Starbucks Japan Geography Series - Nara

The Nara series’ signature colour combination is maroon on white. The images on the Nara dine-in drinking mugs, tumblers, and stainless steel bottles feature temples of the prefecture, Nara’s Great Buddha statue and its iconic tame deer who are meant to be the messengers of the Shinto gods.

Starbucks Japan Geography Series - Tochigi

Tochigi prefecture, home of the mountains, many celebrated shrines such as Nikko, the three wise monkeys who created the international phenomenon “see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil” and its capital Utsunomiya’s mouth-watering ‘gyoza’ (pot stickers). The Starbucks Tochigi series features all these provincial eccentricities in picture format on a background of white and red.

Starbucks Japan Geography Series - Gifu

Reminiscent of army camouflage, Gifu prefecture is visually presented on a background of white tinged with army-green. The Starbucks coffee-ware collection representing Gifu uses scenes of cormorant fishing on the Nagara River -a uniquely ancient method of catching fish using fast swimming birds.

Starbucks Japan Geography Series - Nagasaki

The visual representations of the Nagasaki prefecture are presented in hues white and rose. The artwork illustrates a clever intermingling of the East and the West of the yesteryear Nagasaki. It’s beautiful to see how all three coffee drinking vessels portraying this prefecture pays simultaneous homage to the prefecture’s traditional Chinese roots, especially its dragon dance, and its 19th-century European architecture.

Starbucks Japan Geography Series - Oita

Images of Oita prefecture come on a white background with bamboo-green highlights. Oita is famous for its hot spring resorts in Beppu and Yufuin. Thus pictures of these hot springs along with steamy onsen baths adorn the Oita Starbucks tumblers, coffee mugs, and stainless steel bottles.

All four above-mentioned tumblers are available to you now at ¥1,800 or $17. The mugs are supposedly priced at something a little over ¥2,000. Yet it’s the stainless steel bottles scheduled for release on 14th of May (excluding the Nagasaki stainless steel bottle that will only be available in July) that steal the show at a price of ¥4,200.

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