Spike S-512 Jet To Have Windowless Cabin And Panoramic Display Screens

S-512 Supersonic Jet Windowless Cabin 1

You have no fear of flying or motion sickness, this just might be your kind of private jet. Ongoing Spike S-512 project at Spike Aerospace has announced the latest feature they are testing to add to the supersonic jet. Their newest innovation is windowless passenger cabin. A “thin display screen” will be embedded to the wall, that’s it. No more shades to pull up and down. Cameras mounted around the aircraft will be the source for spectacular panoramic views, passengers also have the option to switch for other beautiful images stored in the system. If necessary pictures can be completely turned-off and dim the screens to catch sleep.

There are few reasons for going windowless for the supersonic. One is the challenge in design and construction, which require enormous amount of time and careful structural designing. Another is the weight of windows and related parts. Lastly, the drag is reduced because of the smooth exterior casing. All this contributes to faster speeds and increased fuel efficiency.

S-512 Supersonic Jet Windowless Cabin 6

The new S-512 supersonic jet is expected to be on the skies in 2018 with New York to London flight taking just 3 hours of your time. Flying at 1,218 mph in a windowless cabin is not for the fainthearted (me being one), but if you are the adventurous type with cash to burn this jet and flight is made for you.

S-512 Supersonic Jet Windowless Cabin 4 S-512 Supersonic Jet Windowless Cabin 3 S-512 Supersonic Jet Windowless Cabin 2 S-512 Supersonic Jet Windowless Cabin 5


Source: BBC and Spike Aerospace

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