Russian Oligarch Gifts His Girlfriend Diamond Studded E-Cigarette Worth $890,000

The days of giving Fabergé eggs gone now is the time for diamond-studded e-cigarettes. One London-based unnamed Russian billionaire made sure his girlfriend stays bling-happy on her birthday by giving her an e-cigarette with 246 diamonds encrusted to it.  The Oligarch demanded “nothing but the very best,” for his girlfriend’s e-cigarette.

It took UK based Shisha Sticks four and a half months to craft this custom made extravagant e-cigarette. It is encrusted with 246 flawless 2 karat clear crystal diamonds each worth $2,900 and lined with 46 yellow Swarovski crystals. It also features an authentic hand blown Italian glass from Venetian Island of Murano, a 24 karat gold button and a clearomizer base. But the crowning jewel of all this is the tip of the cigarette, the tip is studded with a 6 karat oval diamond worth $75,000! Oh, the decadence of socialist Tsars!

Anthony Mixides from Shisha Sticks said “’This was a dream brief for us. We were asked to design the ultimate shisha vaping device for class, style, and luxury. We were told that, within reason, money was no object on the project. Once the design was approved we set about sourcing the finest diamonds, yellow crystals, glass and gold available. It took over four months to design, but this is, without a doubt, the finest shisha stick ever produced.”

The cigarette comes with its own name “Shisha Sticks Sofia.” A guessing game in London at the moment is to identify the birthday girl and her Russian billionaire boyfriend who wishes to stay anonymous. Roman Abramovich, the billionaire-Chelsea owner was ruled out, because he is not British-based.

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