Royal Mint Celebrates Big Ben With A £100 Silver Coin – Sold At Face Value

Royal Mint £100 Silver Coin 1

You can buy a special edition £100 coin for £100 – nothing more, nothing less. That is what UK’s Royal Mint promises for the New Year. A commemorative special edition £100 silver coin unveiled to celebrate the iconic Big Ben features an image seen through the eyes of millions of tourists who visit the Clock Tower (now renamed Elizabeth Tower) at the Parliament Square since 1859.

This is Britain’s very first £100 coin issues at face value and comes limited to only 50,000 pieces. Minted from two full ounces of 999 fine silver, other side of the coin feature fourth main coinage portrait of the Queen. The portrait of the Big Ben patterned by Royal Mint engravers Glyn Davies and Laura Clancy invites you to look at the incredible sight of the tower from a different perspective.

Release today through Royal Mint website for sale, the coin is a perfect addition for a collection. Selling special editions for face value is rare, so go ahead place your order. And don’t forget the £100 silver coin is valid for legal tender too.


Source: Royal Mint

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