Diamond-Studded Royal Courtesan Gurkha Cigar Is The World’s Most Expensive Smoke

Royal Courtesan Gurkha Cigar

There is a new most expensive cigar in the world now – the Royal Courtesan Gurkha Cigar with a one million dollar price tag. For that price, you get a little more than premium tobacco and a wrapper. To get things going – no matter where you are that money gets your cigar hand delivered by a white glove messenger service to your doorstep.

There is a good chance when you buy a smoke infused with $165,000 per bottle Remy Martin’s Black Pearl Louis XIII that smoke is going to be expensive. That’s not all, there is a special method to rolling them. The Royal Courtesans are hand-rolled by a small special group of blind-folded cigar rollers. The reason for blindfold is to make sure the senses guide the rolling process. Their fillers, filtered in Fiji water comes from the Himalayan region – most probably the sun-growns with an earthy flavor.

Royal Courtesan Gurkha Cigar

Top quality fillers and best cognac alone won’t make a $1,000,000 cigar. In this instance, it also has to do with the gold leaf wrapper with a diamond-encrusted band. In all, you are getting white diamonds weighing a total of five karats. There’s no doubt every single Royal Courtesan Gurkha Cigar look stunning with diamonds.

Kaizad Hansotia, CEO of Gurkha Cigars says “The Gurkha clientele is use to only the best and Gurkha continuously produces only the best. This cigar is only for those who want the most exclusive, most luxurious and most ostentatious experience a cigar can offer.”

Source: Luxury Launches

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