Rock Violin Duo FUSE Debut Gold-Plated Diamond-Encrusted Bespoke Violins

The rock violin duo Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee of FUSE have upped the ante with their newest violins. Already the owners of a pair of Swarovski studded violins valued at $1.5 million each, they now claim the ownership to two 24-karat gold-plated violins worth $2 million each.

Created by London-based jewelry designer Theo Fennell and bespoke violin maker Bridge, the violins are decked with rubies, sapphires, and diamond. Adding a touch of rock-roll, they feature diamond skulls in pink for her and blue for him.

FUSE gold violin - 2

To ensure golden violins are light enough to play, Theo Fennell and Bridge spent almost a year researching for the best blend of materials and settled on carbon and Kevlar to offset the weight of the gold plating and jewels. As Ben Lee explained “The art and science involved to make each violin has blown us away. Entirely new and original components had to be designed for the instruments, plus new electronics have had to be engineered to counteract the conductive 24-karat gold. They are exceptional pieces we will treasure.”

FUSE gold violin - 5

Their new single ‘Step Up Beethoven’ will be released in time for Christmas in the US. A follow-up tour with a series of concerts next year in the US will see the debut of Violins in action. Linzi looking forward to playing the golden violin added “Ben and I fly all over the world to play live rock violin and in every destination, we put on a spectacular show. The thrill of playing with these new gold violins is something I can’t describe.”

Both violins insured for £1.3 million (approx. $2.2 million) each are currently on display at Theo Fennell’s Chelsea boutique until they are taken on tour to the US and Asia next year.

FUSE gold violin - 3 FUSE gold violin - 4

Source: FUSE Official

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