Roadster 3.0 – New Light Weight Luggage Series From Porsche Design

Porsche Design Roadster 3.0 1

There’s a new collection of travel luggage from Porsche Design. Consisting of 15 items, the new Roadster 3.0 luggage series is developed with weight as well as elegance and style in mind. Brand’s discerning clientele expect from them nothing but top quality, to this end they have used high-quality materials, experienced craftsmen and design detail. However its selling point is weight, according to Porsche Design this collection weighs 30% less than its predecessor.

The Roadster 3.0 collection features trolleys of different sizes, garment bags, personal bags, backpacks, travel bags, briefcases and wash bags. Made from polyester with aluminum thrown in for handles and other parts.

Porsche Design hopes this collection will help reduce the burden of carrying heavy luggage travelers encounter every day from hopping on trains to running between terminals at airports. Pricing starts at $185 and available online at

Porsche Design Roadster 3.0 2


Source: Porsche Design

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