This $1,400 Rick Owens Silver Chopsticks Will Make Your Posh Chinese Nosh Taste Posher

Rick Owens Sterling Silver Chopsticks

If you were born with a silver spoon, maybe it is time to add a pair of sterling silver chopsticks to the collection. A very expensive pair of chopsticks are now on the market, thanks to fashion designer Rick Owens and his creative genius. The primitive looking $1,450 Rick Owens silver chopstick pair is part of his home collection designed for Lukas Machnik’s LMD/studio.

Rick Owens Sterling Silver Utensils

The entire collection looks like Owen took a journey a few centuries back. It consists of spoons, forks and knives with bone handles, and another set with bronze handles. If you are planning a bronze-age or bone-age (!) themed dinner party you know where to get the necessary utensils. None of the items are on the affordable side. Pricing starts at $810 for forks (bronze and bone) and goes all the way up to $1,620 for bronze serving spoons. Every item in the collection comes in a Fraxinus wood box along with an easy to carry camel skin case.

The chopsticks measure 9.6L x .6W x .6H inches, so that is more than long enough to pick noodles and General Tso’s chicken. If you are like me blessed with scrawny hands and fingers, you might have trouble holding them properly, they look a bit on the heavy side. If you think these are too lavish, check out this story about the diamond-studded $17,000 chopsticks. Check out Rick Owens home collection online at LMD/studio.

Source: Luxury Launches

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