Remmus Sun Lounger – A $45,000 Luxury Chair Full Of Cool Features

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What’s $45,000 for a one per-center when luxury and comfort are of utmost importance? Unveiled at the recently concluded Hotel Show in Dubai was a luxury sun lounger from Remmus Ltd., a Finnish-based design house. Created by multiple award winning design guru Tapio Anttila, Remmus sun lounger is a versatile hi-tech chair handcrafted with the best available materials.

No other lounger in the world revolves automatically with the sun, this one does to allow the user to either soak in the sun or hide under the shades with a press of a button. Its long list of luxury features include ergonomically designed electronically adjustable back rest, hi-fi water-proof Bose marine speakers with Bluetooth to connect mobile devices to play your favorite music and a wireless charging station for smartphones. It also come with a safe to keep your valuables under lock, because your diamonds worth it.

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Remmus sun lounger also has a service button, to quench your thirst or to order a fancy snack just press the button to summon a waiter. Optionally you can fetch a drink from the in-built (well-stocked!) mini cooler too. If the sun gets too hot to handle all you have to do is press a button that’s going to activate the water sprayers to cool down the air with a pleasant light mist. Lounge on the Remmus with or without the sun, fitted with atmospheric LED lighting, when darkness fall without you ever moving lounger will turn lights on automatically.

Remmus Sun Lounger 2

The Remmus lounger is available in two varieties – battery powered and a plug in version. Made from ultralight material, hand polished metal parts and genuine wood, it is also built to tolerate corrosion. Its comfortable upholstery is made to resists heavy wear, UV and salt water. Remmus loungers are fully customizable to your needs and comes individually numbered.

Let me remind you again Remmus sun lounger costs €35,000 or about $45,000. Me thinks this would fit perfectly with the surroundings of that 700 acres of land Zuckerberg bought recently in Kauai, Hawaii.

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Source: Luxury Launches and Remmus

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