Reinast – World’s Most Expensive Toothbrush Made From Titanium $4,300

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You don’t get to called the “world’s most expensive toothbrush” for nothing, you have to back up the claim with an appropriate price tag, which Reinast does. This scientifically advanced toothbrush from Reinast combines technology and design to create a toothbrush that not only improve your dental health, its visual appeal and style is good for your eyes too. Reinast toothbrushes are made from full body premium titanium of the highest grade, the same high grade titanium used in aerospace and surgical equipment industry.

Designed to perfection with aesthetics and ergonomics on mind, Reinast founders always wanted to create luxurious items from simple everyday things. So, they chose the toothbrush and put more thought and research into combining science and beauty in the most practical way. The result of that research is the unique, elegant and durable Reinast toothbrush.

Reinast toothbrush 3

The Reinast toothbrush features a patented antibacterial protective layer that is safe and durable at the same time. This coating creates a barrier against bacterial attacks that tries to invade the most important part of a toothbrush – the area between the socket and the bristle head. This ensures the dental hygiene is taken care of safely.

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As durable as the titanium body, you do need to replace bristle heads every few months, Reinast for their part take care of this as any luxury brand should be. Once every six months they send a pack of five new bristle heads for each toothbrush, at no cost to the customer. This service can’t get better than that for a German engineered Mercedes-Benz equivalent of a toothbrush. For all these privileges you just need to cough up at least €3,200 or around $4,300. And, let me also remind you Reinast could be the perfect companion for world’s most expensive toothpaste, Theodent, we spoke about couple of weeks ago.

Reinast toothbrush 4 Reinast toothbrush 2


Source: Reinast

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