Real Marble Charging Pads By Mikol Is The Ultimate Phone Accessory

Mikol Marble Charging Pads

Mikol is a luxury accessory maker from San Francisco known for their high-end marble adornments. Earlier this year they launched a complete set of poker cards made entirely out of marble and they are raising the bar even higher with their latest accessory – real marble charging pads! Talk about form and function – a charging pad that does the job in all its chic glory!

Mikol’s marble charging pads come with the wireless charging technology – it isn’t new but compared to its competitors like Apple, Samsung, and Starbucks that had the same technology, it certainly looks the most pleasing when it comes to aesthetics. Having the Mikol full marble charging pad just lying around will never be an eyesore like the others – you could probably even put a beautiful flower vase on it!

Mikol Marble Charging Pads

The Mikol complete marble charging pads come in that come in Nero black, Carrara white, and emerald green. The designers say “Most people have experienced messy wires before, especially living with multiple people. Our marble wireless chargers will fit into your home, office, even travel seamlessly.  No more plugging and unplugging those cords.  Just place it on top of the charging pad to charge, and take it off anytime you need to use it.” in a blog on the Mikol website.

The Mikol marble charging pads have built-in over-voltage, under voltage, and short-circuit protection provides ultimate safety for your smartphone. The sleek tech accessory has a compact, space-efficient design that fits in the palm of your hand. It has a classic LED indicator to notify when the device is in charging position. Currently, the popular smartphone models such as iPhone 8, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge, S6, Note 5, Google Nexus 6, headphones, smartwatch, smartphone, headset, and any Qi-compatible device works with the Mikol marble charging pad.

Mikol Marble Charging Pads

An accessory usually enhances the item its paired with – but Mikol is redefining the meaning of the word itself with its marble pieces. The Mikol full marble accessories are actually the center of attention instead of that extra sparkle – a charger that is a part of your home decor. We can’t wait to see what is the next marble-ous thing they design!

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