“Rampant” World’s Most Expensive Wooden Surfboard Costs $1.3 Million

Roy Stuart Rampant Surfboard 1

Priced appropriately for deep pockets at $1.3 million, the Rampant board designed by New Zealand-based surfboard craftsman Roy Stuart is the ultimate luxury in wave riding. Measuring 10’6” and weighing 31 pounds, it is made from Paulownia wood to keep its weight down. The board is capable of speeding through surf up to 35 mph due its tubular Vort-X tunnel fin. The Vort-X itself is made from Kahitake wood, a tree native to New Zealand.

The advantage of using Paulowina wood for surfboard is its high strength-to-weight ratio. The Rampant also features an inlay of a 23 karat gold lion. For additional resistance and a smooth ride, the wooden board is coated with a red resin, while a yellow resin is used to fill in the lion shape and create texture to layer gold leaf.

Roy Stuart Rampant Surfboard 4

“The axis of rotation of the tubular fin is aligned with the axis of the surfboard hull, so there is no added resistance to roll. Fine tuning of this hydrofoil over a 16 year period ensures that the optimal foil section, water flow volume, placement and lift angle is achieved to suit each surfboard hull,” Stuart notes.

I’m not sure how Stuart arrived at the $1.3 million price tag for the Rampant, but then I’m not his cost accountant. If you are looking for a high performance board with advanced technology and money is not an issue, go for it.

Roy Stuart Rampant Surfboard 6 Roy Stuart Rampant Surfboard 3 Roy Stuart Rampant Surfboard 2 Roy Stuart Rampant Surfboard 5


Source: Woodworking Network and Roy Stuart

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