Exclusive Pure+Solid Credit Cards Made From Precious Metals

There are many ways to show off one’s wealth, many use fancy cars, huge mansions, and pricey art. A new way to show your status is your credit card, the real thing and not just a printed metal name on plastic. London-based Pure+Solid Ltd now issues cards made from three precious metals – platinum, gold, and silver. Named Pure+Solid® MasterCard®, it has taken the company full six years to develop the entire pre-paid system.

Handmade from pure platinum, gold or silver and fully ISO certified, Pure+Solid cards fits easily in the categories of luxury accessories and jewelry. To get a card you don’t actually have to be a millionaire or a billionaire. The system works as a pre-paid card with a minimum loading limit of €100, as long as you pay for the initial cost of the card you are in business. The card can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted and it has no minimum spend requirements.

As with other pre-paid cards amount you can spend is limited to your load amount that also means there are no over the limit worries. Every time you use the card for transactions balance gets reduced automatically. The card is valid for online, in-store, over the phone transactions as well as for over the counter cash withdrawals (for security purposes ATM cash withdrawals not allowed.) Pure+Solid card is issued in currencies USD, Euro, and GBP.  It takes company four to six weeks to issue a card and it’s valid for 60 months. An additional perk arrives with all three cards – access to the VIP lounges of the largest independent airport lounge access program in the world.

Pure+Solid Platinum Card Pure+Solid Credit Cards - Platinum Made from Pt999, the pure platinum card has a maximum balance of €150,000. The handmade card itself costs €28,690 and comes in an elegant leather case handcrafted in Germany.

Pure+Solid Gold Card Pure+Solid Credit Cards - Gold This 18 karat gold card, also handcrafted has a maximum card balance of €100,000 and costs €14,690. This too is delivered in a leather case.

Pure+Solid Silver Card Pure+Solid Credit Cards - Silver Silver credit card balance is capped at €50,000. The card itself costs €1,490, much more affordable than the Platinum and Gold cards. The card is made from sterling silver Ag925.

Source: Pure+Solid

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