Pure Gold Pokémon Card From Ginza Tanaka Celebrates Pocket Monster’s 20th Anniversary

Pure Gold Pokémon Card

Young man Pikachu and his friends are in the news a lot these days. Celebrating 20th birthday publicly can be difficult even for a pocket monster. For this latest anniversary release, a pure gold Pokémon card, Pokémon Trading partnered with the fellow Japanese brand Tanaka Precious Metals. You may remember Tanaka from this Darth Vader story from a couple of years ago. They have a solid reputation in giving movie and cartoon characters excellent solid gold treatment.

Pure Gold Pokémon Card

Due to be delivered in late December, the new Pokémon card is a reissue of the very first Pikachu card, in pure gold. This card resembles everything the original card had including the attack set of Gnaw and Thunderbolt. As in the first card Gnaw and bolt cause 10 and 30 points of damage.

Pure Gold Pokémon Card

The fancy Pokémon card will have 11 grams (0.4 ounces) of 24 karat gold. To protect and to showcase, it will arrive in an acrylic case. The combination of anniversary and gold made it quite a pricey procurement – ¥216,000 (about $2,100). You can pre-order between now and 7, November via Pokémon Center Online store or online retailer 7net.

All you professional gamers and collectors out there, Pokémon Company wants you to know this pure gold Pokémon card is not allowed in official tournaments or competitive play. That means if your grand plan of owning one of these include winning it via a Pokémon Trading Card Game that is not going to happen. Get your finances in order and buy it.

Source: Rocket News

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