Beautiful Gold-Plated Puiforcat Cognac Beaker

Puiforcat cognac beaker is actually a work of art than just taste ware. French silversmiths, the House of Puiforcat invited students at the École Boulle in Paris to reinterpret their signature cognac beaker. The sterling silver beaker in the vermeil-finished interior is the result of a collaboration between Puiforcat, Boulle, and student Léo Dubreil. The redesign of the Puiforcat cognac beaker follows the same path as their restyled Champagne glass.

Puiforcat Cognac Beaker 2

With his design, Léo Dubreil wanted to enrich the experience a drinker gets from the cognac tasting ritual. The beaker has a round wide base with a slender refined edge, this allows the cognac to preserve and circulate its aromas easily and offer it in a premium state to test drinker’s tasting senses. The unique design comes with a lid, which doubles up as a stand when necessary. Its gold-plated interiors turn red and offer a stunning view when filled with cognac.

Puiforcat Cognac Beaker 3

Puiforcat has a long history as a silversmith company. Established in 1820 in Paris, the company is well-known around the world for its Art Deco pieces. The cognac beaker is part of their new collection of tableware that also includes candlesticks and vases.

The Puiforcat cognac beaker luxuriously priced at €1,900, now available for purchase online at

Source: Luxuo

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