Buy Your Favorite Prada Paperclip For Just $185 From Barney’s New York

Prada Paper Clip Money Clip

Barney’s New York can’t help itself from trolling us. They are once again hawking to sell everyday items at exorbitant prices disguised as something else. Latest such luxury item is the plain old paper clip, normally you can buy a box of 100 for a buck fifty at the office supplies store. Not so at Barney’s – the Prada Paperclip Money Clip will set you back $185, and if you have any money left after that use the clip to hold them together.

Polished sterling silver made luxury paperclip measures about 6.25cm length x 2.25cm width and has “Prada” embossed on one side. Made in Italy, it seems, the clip is strong enough to hold a wad of cash without breaking or twisting itself.

Prada Twisted Paper Clip Money Clip

If (a BIG if) you feel $185 is an absurd price to pay for Paperclip Money Clip, you can go for the cheaper version – the $150 Prada Twisted Paperclip Money Clip. Either way, they both promises to keep your buckets of cold hard cash safely together in your pocket. Check out the fancy paperclips here.

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