The Ping Pong Set James By Louis Vuitton – Fancy Some LV TT At $2,000 ?

Louis Vuitton Ping Pong Set James

The upscale designer has introduced a ping pong set called ‘The Ping Pong Set James’. This set includes two ping pong paddles, four Louis Vuitton branded ping pong balls and a dual paddle cover in Louis Vuitton Damier Eclipse canvas. All this for the price of $2,210.

Once you purchase The Ping Pong Set James, the next big questions you ask yourself is, you or rather you use this branded TT gear on a regular ping pong table? Or will it be a major fashion faux-pas? So will you have to order a custom-printed TT table with the matching LV monogram? The answer to all this is really up to your whims and fancies. One thing that you need to keep in mind though is this. That when a world-renowned fashion brand ventures into the sporting world, it certainly widens the horizons of our imaginations. Imagine, a spacious gaming room in your luxury mansion (not very unlike Mr. Grey’s Red Room), where every item is branded, be it the upholstery, the furniture and now even your sporting regalia. What better place to the talk of the town and better yet even to the talk of the town, including perhaps your next grand commercial venture.

Louis Vuitton Ping Pong Set James

Fancy a game of doubles? The à la mode decision would be to buy two sets of Louis Vuitton Ping Pong Set James. But in case you aren’t that keen on spending an additional $2,210 on another one of these, you can mix up your swagger. Like any good fashion connoisseur, you can mix and match your branded LV TT set with a regular set and go bohemian which in itself will be another fashion statement. There… another inspiring and imaginative venture you can look forward to with your partner, courtesy LV TT.

The Ping Pong Set James is limited edition and carries the label “call for availability,” which means that all the LV TT  sets that were originally available on its website are now all sold out.

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