This $1,325 Chanel Boomerang Comes Back With A Vengeance

Chanel Boomerang

I am not so sure I understand this outrage over $1,325 Chanel Boomerang. Companies make and customers buy luxury versions of many culturally important and sensitive items. Here in the US, Native American items like Teepees and feather headdresses are popular and in-demand regardless of their price. Boomerangs were the weapon of choice for hunting and fighting in old days for Australian Aborigines – for some reason lots of people including Aborigines are upset about the Chanel Boomerang – maybe it’s the price.

This boomerang is from Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2017 sporting items collection. Other items in the collection include a tennis racket, a paddleboard, beach rackets and balls and tennis balls. By far this is the only item to create controversy though not the most expensive, beach rackets costs $3,350. The makeup of the boomerang consists of wood, black resin, and an embossed white Chanel logo. Some also said the Chanel version resembles the one on display at the Australian Museum, but I don’t see any likeness to that.

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