Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades Collection At Salon Del Mobile

Objets Nomades Charlotte Perriand Beach House

For this year’s edition of Salon del Mobile at Milan, Louis Vuitton invited nine experienced and up-and-coming designers to contribute to their Objets Nomades 2015 Collection. The travel-inspired collection made mostly from Louis Vuitton’s famed Nomade leather is full of objects designed with style and flair.  According to WWD, designers who participated in the project include Patricia Urquiola, Atelier Oï, Barber & Osgerby, Nendo, Campana Brothers, Gwenaël Nicolas, Raw Edges, Damien Langlois-Meurinne and Maarten Baas. The 16-piece collection feature everything from hanging chairs, lamps and foldable furniture to interior decorations such as shells and animal bones.

Objets Nomades Lamp Shade

Louis Vuitton even brought one of Charlotte Perriand’s La Maison au Bord de l’Eau aka prefabricated beach house’s to Milan as part of their Objets Nomades collection, and used it to showcase everything from picture frames and potted plants to leather-fringe lamps that suspend from the ceiling.

Louis Vuitton’s President and CEO, Michael Burke noted they are not attending the exhibition as a furniture designer and said “We’re a house that is inspired by design, but we don’t want to be a furniture house; we like to feel that we’re guests and we’re invited to the Salone del Mobile.” Burke added that all creations are ideas of invited designers and they have the freedom to create whatever they wish.

Leather Hammock From Atelier Öi
Objets Nomades Atelier Öi Hammock

Leather Stool From Atelier Öi
Objets Nomades Atelier Öi Leather Stool

Foldable Sitting Stools From Patricia Urquiola
Objets Nomades Patricia Urquiola Sitting Stools

 Swinging Chairs From Patricia Urquiola
Objets Nomades Patricia Urquiola Swingining Chairs

Cocoon From Campana Brothers
Objets Noma Campana Brothers Cocoon

Bell Lamp From Barber & Osgerby 
Objets Nomades Barber & Osgerby Lamp

Beach Chair From Maarten Baas 
Objets Nomades Maarten Baas Beach Chair

Concertina Chair From Raw Edges
Objets Nomades Concertina Chair Raw Edges


Source: Designboom

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