Nike Tennis Court Tech 1- A New High Tech Tennis Bag

Nike Tennis Court Tech 1 Bag 1

Nike’s new tennis bag Nike Tennis Court Tech 1 is a marriage between high tech and functionality. In Court Tech 1 there is room to carry 15 tennis racquets and 5 of which can be carried in its innovative insulated equipment pocket. Insulated pocket made from Nike’s exclusive metallic foil material is designed to reduce heat absorption through light reflection and heat radiation.

Metallic foil helps maintain racquet’s string tension that otherwise would’ve impacted by temperature fluctuations. Testing at Nike labs showed with Court Tech 1’s insulated pocket temperature tends to rise slowly and level-off lower. Compared more to a mobile locker than a sports bag, it has plenty of room for storage including insulated and zippered pockets for drinks and food to keep them at ideal temperature.

Nike Tennis Court Tech 1 Bag 2

Another advantage of the Tech 1 compared to other bags in the market is it stands upright instead of lying flat, allowing easy access to tennis gear like shoes and drink bottles. It also come with the option to carry it like a backpack. Priced at $150, Nike Tennis Court Tech 1 is now available from and select Nike Tennis retailers worldwide.

Nike Tennis Court Tech 1 Bag 3 Nike Tennis Court Tech 1 Bag 5 Nike Tennis Court Tech 1 Bag 4


Source: Nike

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