Newton White Bathtub Luxury Covered In Bubbles Worth $28,695

Newton White Bathtub


When I first saw the image of Newton White Bathtub it was all shiver me timbers, or was it boils? Maison Valentina has a reputation for occasionally making peculiar bathtubs, this to me is one of those – because of the more boils than bubbles design. One thing is sure Newton or Archimedes would not have cried Eureka in this tub. Having said that, we also know everyone has different tastes, so this could end up in someone’s fancy bathroom.

The majority of brass made bubbles are white lacquered and finished with a high gloss varnish. Few are gold plated. Maison believes this combination gives it a look and feel of sparkling bubbles inside a glass of champagne. Hence, when you see this bathtub for the first time, they want you to imagine a scene of champagne popping and chilling in the tub.

Newton White Bathtub

Not to get too technical, but according to Valentina’s description this is “defying the laws of physics”. Since I don’t know the ins and outs of how this tub works I’ll leave it at that or to Newton.

I think we can all agree Newton Black Bathtub is a lot more palatable than the white version. An even better option is their Koi Bathtub, which they released last year. Getting a long hot bubble bath is all fine and dandy if you are in the mood to write a $28,965 check for Newton White Bathtub.


Source: Luxury Launches

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