New Items For Bentley Home Furniture Collection Introduced At The Maison & Objet Fair

Bentley, the automaker with a finger in many pies is expanding its Bentley Home Furniture Collection. Six new designs were launched at the ongoing Maison & Objet fair in Paris. Once again company’s collaborator in the project is Italian luxury furniture maker Luxury Living Group. Designed and developed by architect Carlo Colombo and Daniele Ceccomori, Bentley’s Head of Product Design, the collection has taken its place at the fair among the ‘Special Designs’ labels. Bentley has described new additions as “Ultra Luxury.”

Successfully mixing technical and architectural aspects with design, Bentley is able to present a collection that is an exercise in subtlety, combining functional performance with comfort and luxury. Alberto Vignatelli, CEO and chairman of the Luxury Living Group, says “We accepted with enthusiasm the challenge of interpreting in furnishings the exclusivity and charm of Bentley. In the Bentley Home collection there co‑exists a passion for details, care of materials and a style that anticipates the trends while remaining true to the codes of elegance and tradition.”

The updated collection brings in a color palette that is natural and varied in choice. The natural shades of warm mocha, cognac, taupe, quartz, grey and ice are complemented by variations of purple-red, burgundy, brick red and blue colors. With the use of tactile leather and luxurious textiles such as pinstripes, velvet, cashmere, silk, pashmina and even a hint of mink, Bentley has introduced a furniture collection that is in step with its DNA – a craftsmanship and exquisite materials that characterize the interiors of all Bentley models.

Not overused yet making an appearance is Bentley’s iconic diamond pattern in a new system named Butterfly. The Butterfly system introduces two items to the collection – a sofa and an armchair. The deep, luxurious seats of the two items are wrapped in shell quilted with diamond pattern.

Kevin Rose, board member Sales & Marketing, of Bentley, commented “The Home Collection embodies Bentley’s emergence as a modern high luxury brand. This is an exciting development which captures the shared values of Bentley and Luxury Living, with unrivalled attention to detail and a stunning translation of the timeless style of the brand into home and executive suite interiors.”

Minster Sofa – $14,790Bentley Home Collection - Minister SofaThis simple and perfectly proportioned sofa gives prominence to material it’s made of. Available in leather or fabric, colorful Minster sofa come in purple-red velvet and matching burgundy velvet piping along the edges.

Butterfly Sofa – $14,880Bentley Home Collection - Butterfly SofaThe Butterfly sofa is part of the new Butterfly system made up of sofa and armchair. Design of the Butterfly sofa associates more closely with Bentley’s current in-car interior design philosophy. The ivory leather sofa features deep, plush seats wrapped in a shell quilted with Bentley’s iconic diamond pattern.

Butterfly Armchair – $9,220Bentley Home Collection - Butterfly ChairOther half of the new Butterfly system, the armchair with a hint of male attire comes wrapped in stylish grey pinstriped fabric quilted in fine grey wool.

Harlow Armchair – TBDBentley Home Collection - Harlow ArmchairA reimagining of the iconic film director’s chair, finished in cognac-colored leather and a gunmetal frame to uphold the seating. The metal buckles with leather bands on the armrests references to typical masculine style points.

Richmond Bed – TBDBentley Home Collection - Richmond BedThe bed features a unique double shell construction that nests the occupants. The shell could be wrapped in quilted leather or precious briar root, while the headboard comes lined with iridescent sand-colored satin wool. The finely embroidered Bentley logo on the headboard enhances its finish.

Ambassador Sideboard – $33,640Bentley Home Collection - Ambassador SideboardThe steel gun-metal frame Ambassador sideboard comes with veneering options of lava-colored leather, briar root or Ebony Macassar. Bentley describes the majestic design of the Ambassador as “in line with modern architectural themes.”

Source: Bentley Media

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