Nendo Makes One Of A Kind Starbucks Mugs For Japan

Nendo Starbucks mug 1

Nendo is famous for designing quirky yet beautiful household items such as this three-in-one dog accessory. Japanese design firm has now reconciled theirs and Starbucks’ shared philosophy of looking at the world as half-full. How? Nendo has a newly designed coffee mug sold only in Starbucks stores in Japan. They have painted the bottom of the classic white mug to look like it’s filled with coffee. So when you flip over the mug to store it or dry it, it will look like it’s still filled with your choice coffee an Americano, latte or a caramel macchiato.

No news about any plans to import these mugs to Starbucks stores in other countries.

Nendo Starbucks mug 2 Nendo Starbucks mug 3 Nendo Starbucks mug 4 Nendo Starbucks mug 5 Nendo Starbucks mug 6 Nendo Starbucks mug 7


Source: Nendo

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