Most Expensive Gift Items On Neiman Marcus Christmas Book 2014

Neiman Marcus Christmas Book 2014 is full of unreal gifts, even for those who have everything. Last year they had Indian Larry’s “Wild Child” Motorcycle that came with a $750,000 price tag. This year’s top gift’s price doesn’t go as far as the Wild Child territory, but at $475,000 the House of Creed Bespoke Fragrance Journey is still a fantasy.

There is also the Neiman Marcus edition of a Maserati for a cool $95,000 and a fancy peacock that will cost you $65,000. ‘Tis the season for giving, so take your time and have a look at Neiman’s ten fantasy gifts from this year’s Christmas Book.

The House of Creed Bespoke Fragrance Journey – $475,000 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book 2014 - Creed

From wherever you start your fragrance journey, it will be only in first class. There is only one fragrance journey offered – for two. The House of Creed atelier located near Paris in Fontainebleau (where French royals from Louis VI to Napoleon III spent time) will create your personal perfume just the way you like it. Their Master Perfumer Olivier Creed (a sixth generation Creed) will be personally involved creating your fragrance and he’ll also dine with you. The trip offers five-star accommodations, white-glove car service, private tours, and other experiences befitting royalty – that is you. It will take few months for Creed to create your bespoke fragrance, once it is ready it will arrive at your doorstep in 24 14-karat gold-gilded six-liter flacons and 12 14-karat gold-accented leather atomizers featuring your bespoke scent.

Vanity Fair Academy Awards Experience – $425,000 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book 2014 - Vanity Fair Party

You and a special guest can be Tinsel Town stars for three nights during next year’s Academy Awards. The fun begins Friday at the luxurious Peninsula Beverly Hills Hotel when you check in. Saturday is to have drinks at the famous Sunset Tower and dinner at celeb favorite Chateau Marmont. Sunday, the day of Oscars day starts with pre-party spa pampering, then off to the Vanity Fair Party to mingle and party with Hollywood stars. At hand will be Neiman Marcus Style Advisor Catherine Bloom to take care of your hair, makeup and wardrobe. Not all this money go to Neiman Marcus however – $400,000 of this price tag will be donated to the Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation – dedicated to supporting youth arts education in communities across the country.

The Slot Mods USA Ultimate Sot Car Motorway – $300,000 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book 2014 - Slot Mods USA Ultimate Sot Car Motorway

Pick your favorite track – be it, Le Mans, Nürburgring or Laguna Seca. From Slot Mods now you can have your own miniature track at home. A 1:32 scaled model will come with iconic structures, pit crews, period slot cars and more. Take your pole position and checkered flag will be waved to send you on your way. The track also comes with integrated cameras that will capture images and display them on mini screens. According to Neiman Marcus legendary racers, Vic Elford and David Hobbs will cohost your inaugural race night party.

Ultimate Mardi Gras Experience For Six Couples – $125,000 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book 2014 - Ultimate Mardi Gras Experience
What’s better than rounding up five of your close couple friends and heading to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. For $125,000 come February 2015 you can spend five days at the luxurious Audubon Cottages in the heart of French Quarter. Since Valentine’s Day also falls around the same time, a special meal is organized for the day at renowned Gautreau’s. Other culinary excursions in a city famous for its food include a jazz brunch at Commander’s Palace, dinner at the city’s largest restaurant and Mardi Gras Museum and at Arnaud’s. Also part of the experience is a Lundi Gras evening ride in the spectacular Orpheus Parade, the black-tie Orpheus Ball, cocktails with your hosts, an art gallery tour and a private concert and dinner at the legendary Preservation Hall.

His & Hers Vilebrequin Quadski – $100,000 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book 2014 - His & Hers Vilebrequin Quadski
Matching Quadski’s for a fashionable couple who are also outdoorsy and adventurous. Quadski’s are a hybrid of jet ski and ATV. Available only through Neiman Marcus, Vilebrequin Quadski has a reputation as the world’s best high-speed amphibious vehicles. Powered by a 1300cc BMW engine, they can accelerate quickly to their top speed of 45 mph on land or water. Made from lightweight material it comes with a GoPro camera to record your athletic rides.

Custom Locket And Trip With Monica Rich Kosann – $100,000 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book 2014 - Custom Locket
This is also a gift limited just one customer. A one-of-a-kind locket made by Constantin Wild at his workshop in the German town of Idar Oberstein, a town famous for its talented gem cutters. Jewelry designer and photographer Monica Rich Kosann will join you there to find stones and help design the perfect locket. Back in New York until your custom designed locket arrives, you can sit with your family for a photograph that is kept in your priceless locket. The trips to Idar Oberstein and photo session with Kosann are optional. Price does not include airfares to Oberstein.

100th Anniversary Neiman Marcus Limited-Edition Maserati Ghibli S Q4 – $95,000 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book 2014 - Maserati
A Neiman Marcus Christmas Book without a special edition luxury car will not happen. This year’s wheels come from Italian automaker Maserati, the Ghibli named for the hot and powerful North African winds features curved lines with an aggressive grill and bold triple vents. Powered by a 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbo engine it can sprint from 0 to 60 in just 4.7 seconds. All-wheel drive supercar provides full control in all types of driving conditions including snow. One of the 100th-anniversary edition of Maserati its exteriors feature 20” forged wheels and red brake calipers among other things. Interiors boast edition number badge on center console, premium leather, Inox sport foot pedals and Bowers & Wilkins sound system.

Preston Bailey Peacock Floral Sculptures – $65,000 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book 2014 - Preston Bailey Peacock Floral Sculptures
Two versions of the Preston Bailey Peacocks are available – a large one for $65,000 and a small one one for $25,000. The large peacock standing tall at 6’ tall has a long 10’ tail with seasonal paintings, while the smaller 3’ tall one come with a 5’ tail. Both tails in multi-color feature silk flowers. Preston Bailey is a household name among celebrities and wealthy for his event planning.

Leontine Linens Home Trousseau – $55,000 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book 2014 - Leontine Linens
Not any luxury linens but custom made luxury linens for your home by Leontine Linens Home Trousseau. From master bedroom to pool house to table linens, Leontine will make your mansion a home with their finest cotton, flair and exquisite designs. Leontine’s founder Jane Scott Hodges will make a personal in-home visit to introduce you to some of the best luxury linens in the world.

Tanqueray No. Ten Imperial Shaker By Jason Crawley – $35,000 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book 2014 - Tanqueray No Ten Imperial Shaker
Out of all the top gift items on this year’s Christmas Book, this by far is my favorite. The 5” tall shaker is crafted from cast iron, brass, copper, and silver materials, and tough enough to handle strong shakes from its crank. The Imperial Shaker oozes in style as well as craftsmanship. Jason Crawley has done well to adapt a nineteenth-century drawing to design the shaker. For $35,000 it arrives with a one-year supply of Tanqueray No. Ten. Also included in the price is a personal cocktail education session for up to twenty guests with a Tanqueray mixology expert.

Source: Neiman Marcus

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