Special Edition Namiki Chinkin Royal Rooster Pen To Ring In Chinese New Year

Namiki Chinkin Royal Rooster

Namiki, the Japanese fountain pen brand has a special pen to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year. The Namiki Chinkin Royal Rooster is a beautifully handcrafted and decorated pen created using Japanese art forms – Chinkin (Gold Inlay) and Urushi (lacquer). Launched as a limited edition, the black and gold exquisitely crafted Year of the Rooster pen showcases the amazing artistry and craftsmanship in Japanese techniques.

Namiki Chinkin Royal Rooster

The Chinkin technique uses special fine chisels to carve patterns into layers of Urushi or lacquered surfaces. The pattern then gets filled with gold powder. Once the rich layers of 18 karat gold dust are settled on the surface, it gets polished and cleaned by a Japanese paper called “Washi”. The Chinkin art form originated in Waijima prefecture around the 13th century and its popularity spread beyond Japan, especially to China. This is a very time-consuming technique that also needs lots of patience.

On the Namiki Chinkin Royal Rooster, the rooster, and surrounding plants are engraved on both the cap and the body. The pen is available in fine, medium and broad 18-karat gold nibs that are engraved with Namibia logo and the majestic Mount Fiji. Unlike most other companies, Namiki unveiled their Rooster special pen earlier this year. Each special edition arrives in a velvet-lined elegant wooden presentation box and includes a bottle of ink. In the US they are available online at Nibs online store for $3,700.

Source: Namiki

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