Monsieur, The Robotic Bartender Will Make You 300 Cocktails At Home

An Android tablet based bartender full of artificial intelligence is here to serve you a well-made cocktail martini – shaken or stirred. Its co-founder Barry Givens named his creation “Monsieur” and it takes orders remotely through an Android and iOS based apps also.

Monsieur, the robotic bartender can make 300 different cocktails, capable of keeping track of your favorite drinks and at what time of the day you like to have one. It learns your habits, such as when you are home to make you a drink using Wi-Fi – if you are home at your normal time, say at 5 pm it will make you a regular drink, if you are late to come home at 9.30 it’ll offer to make you a drink with two shots instead of a single. It is so intelligent, it can even make drink suggestions for you.

Monsieur, The Robotic Bartender 2

As Givens explained the Monsieur is in a league of its own because of its artificial intelligence. He says “It learns your tastes. It learns your favorite sports teams. It learns when you come home from work. That’s what other robotic bartenders haven’t been able to provide.”

Designed to look like a mini-fridge, it features a dark wooden box with an Android touch screen tablet and an opening for the drink. The Monsieur has 12 unique profiles (a trendy bar in London, a Tiki in Hawaii etc.) and 25 cocktails in each profile. It can make 150 drinks in one filling. You can instruct it to make a light or a strong drink using the touch slider.

With all the drinks it makes for you, it can estimate your blood alcohol levels and get you a taxi to keep you safe and responsible.

Monsieur, The Robotic Bartender 6

Measuring just 20 inches x 21 inches, it is perfect for indoor or outdoor, and for home or business. Monsieur’s mobile software allows it to sync with your phone or tablet using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Smart Butler. When alcohol supply levels are low, Monsieur will send you an email with a shopping list to order.

This brilliant Monsieur robot bartender’s price starts at a very affordable and reasonable $1,499. Its two models include – a four 30-ounce container set and an eight 30-ounce container set. The Monsieur can do so much more, you can check them all here.

Monsieur, The Robotic Bartender 3 Monsieur, The Robotic Bartender 4 Monsieur, The Robotic Bartender 5

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