Minnie & Emma By Veuve Clicquot Bespoke Stationary For Holiday Season

Veuve Clicquot - Minnie & Emma 7

When you are invited to a dinner party or a get together, most of the times easiest gift to give your host is a bottle of wine or champagne. This holiday season add a bit of spark by giving your host a personalized card along with a Veueve Cliquot bottle of champagne. The champagne maker has teamed up with NYC-based printers Minnie & Emma Correspondence to create a limited edition series of chic entertaining collection that include items from printed note cards and envelopes, coasters and bottle tags to digital invitations.

The customizable collection decorated in Veuve Clicquot’s iconic yellow is made from beautiful paper and consists of festive designs and fun phrases. Veuve Cliquiot hopes their Minnie & Emma collection helps re-introduce traditional etiquette. And for you as a guest you’ll happy to know your hostess is going to appreciate a gift that was chosen not in a hurry but by giving a lot of thought.

The Minnie & Emma by Veuve Cliquiot is available online and pricing starts at $48.

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Source: Luxury Launches

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