Mind The Gap – The 2013 Harrods Christmas Express Windows

Unlike Harrods Christmas World, Christmas windows at Harrods arrived at an appropriate time. Saving the best for last, luxury store unveiled its glamorous and dazzling Christmas windows display in the form of “the Harrods Christmas Express”, a fashionable version of the British steam train. And they invite you to jump aboard before it leaves the Knightsbridge station.

Each train carriage shows off what Harrods offer in each of their departments in holiday season from fashion, luxury items, toys, Christmas decorations, home wares to even their gourmet food and wines.

Harrods Christmas Express - 2

Glamorously dressed Mannequins in designer gowns and jewelry are displayed in scenes that include a piano bar, a dinner party, a powder room and a music room. Children’s toys, luxury luggage, and wrapped Christmas gifts are scattered around the carriages.

Harrods staff at Store Image and Window Design departments spent 3 weeks creating this spectacular display. It took a team of 50 people and 500 hours to complete the ritzy project.

Harrods Christmas Express - 3

Most expensive item on display is the Ralph & Russo Swarovski-covered gown at £80,000 (approx. $130,000), but you can buy trinkets that are also on display for just £3.95 ($6.50).

Harrods store image director, Mark Briggs explained: “each year we aim to deliver unique Christmas windows which will enthrall and inspire our visitors from around the world.”

In addition to the display windows, there are two 30-foot Christmas trees in front of the store.

Harrods Christmas Express - 4Harrods Christmas Express - 5Harrods Christmas Express - 6Harrods Christmas Express - 7Harrods Christmas Express - 8

Source: Harrods

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