MIKOL Introduces World’s First Marble Minimalist Wallet

Mikolmami Marble Minimalist Wallet

The First Functional Fashion-conscious Minimalist Wallet in the Market

Manufacturing specifications like 3.5 oz of weight and the shatterproof quality make the MIKOL marble wallet the next-generation in wallet-making. Its sleek Star-trek-like design not only gives it a space-age look but also an avant-garde stylishness for the fashion-conscious.

Its signature minimalism does not take away its pragmatic purpose. It actually adds to it, giving it a functionality that makes it the benchmark of space-age ease-of-use when it comes to wallets. What imbues MIKOL’s marble minimalist wallet with this ease of functionality is its ability to hold up to 15 credit, debit or any other such cards and an elastic band that holds its owner’s hard cash.

Mikolmami Marble Minimalist Wallet

These marble wallets owe their avant-garde aura to the geometric shapes MIKOL has given them. MIKOL acknowledges that the wallets have been cut in this geometric shape for aesthetic reasons as well as to ensure maximum functionality. As MIKOL explains it is this geometric shape that allows its user’s thumb to easily and comfortably push up the cards and flip them at a moment’s need.

Marbles are a unique testament to the earth’s wondrous ability for creating unique materials over millions of years. Marble as a creative material is known for its pure and simple link to the earth and the luxurious outlook it emanates post-production. In manufacturing these marble minimalist wallets MIKOL has used the same technology it uses in creating its marble business cards and marble poker cards.

Mikolmami Marble Minimalist Wallet

MIKOL currently offers the Marble Minimalist Wallet in 4 different colors: Sahara Gold, Nero Marquina, Emerald Green and Carrara White. All these 4 are available for pre-ordering through MIKOL’s online store. Except for the Emerald Green which is priced at $129 all the other three marble minimalist wallets are priced at $99 each.

Be a trendsetter and a forerunner to a new fashion statement by being one of the very first people in the world to own a real cutting-edge marble minimalist wallet.

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