Ride In Mercedes-Benz Before You Can Even Walk!

Two German brands known for making the best wheels have joined forces – Mercedes-Benz and Hartan have created a luxe stroller that is going to make your baby the coolest on the block. The luxury automobile manufacturer and the high-end baby carriage maker have together produced The Avantgarde, the ultimate set of wheels for your baby.

The Avantgarde is built with the best technology and materials to ride over any street with the smoothest maneuvering abilities – your baby won’t feel any bumps or sharp turns should you ever encounter those. The Mercedes-Benz and Hartan stroller is ergonomic, with lightweight components and is also made to be eco-friendly. So not only will your child be riding in style but also be a baby of the future by being sustainable right from birth!

Mercedes Benz Baby Carriage Avantgarde

The Avantgarde feather light weight is owed to its 8.9kg aluminum frame and a 4.1kg GTX seat unit. The fancy stroller also has Solight Ecco air chamber tyres and something that any Mercedes-Benz fan will recognize from the C-Class model – a black and silver coloured 5-twin spoke AMG designed rim. Its sustainability element comes from the fact that the stroller doesn’t contain any plasticisers or PAHs. There is a telescopic handlebar, parking brake, a height adjustable footrest and the option to rotate the set 180 degrees. The final promise and the most important factor is that it is super safe with the German Association for Technical Inspection (TÜV) seal of validation.

You can also spot the iconic Mercedes-Benz three-star logo on the seat and its lettering on the frame – all babies are going to want a picture with this stroller! The package consists of an infant carrier, and add-ons like sunshade umbrella, a windshield for the seat, a rain hood and also a slot to hold mobile phones, keys and wallets for the parents are all available to customize it for your needs and will be on sale starting this month.

Source: Luxury Launches

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