Sweden’s McHive Beehive Is The World’s Smallest McDonald’s Store

McDonald’s in Sweden has teamed-up with marketing firm Nord DDB to create a one-of-a-kind McDonald’s store – The McHive. When designers cooked up this idea, they were thinking of only one customer base, the bees. Sweden has a bee problem, they are reducing in numbers at a faster rate. This is McDonald’s way of giving a helping hand to protect and help them grow in numbers.

This very small store is the same size as any playhouse or a dog house. Its exteriors and interiors feature very modern décor with McDonald’s famous yellow arch is perched firmly on top. But the most important ornamentation is the bee box that can house tens of thousands of bees.

“Some of McDonald’s restaurants in Sweden have beehives on their rooftops,” Nord DDB explains. “The initiative started out locally but is now growing. More franchisees around the country are joining the cause and have also started replacing the grass around their restaurants with flowers and plants that are important for the wellbeing of wild bees. To celebrate the initiative which is part of McDonald’s Swedens sustainability work, we created what could be the world’s smallest McDonald’s – a fully functioning beehive.”

As much as we all love to have a McHive on our own backyards that is not going to happen. According to Delish this one and only McHive was already sold at auction for the large sum of $10,000 with all proceeds going towards charities that take care of Bee-issues. Most of the threats to the world bee population are coming from insecticides used in farming and human advancements. Feel free to make your own McHives to help bees setting up hives to thrive.

Source: Delish

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