Posh Trading Company’s Exclusive Matbox And Coastbox Now At Harrods

Posh Trading Company Matbox

It’s never too early to get ready with your Christmas shopping list in August. After all, Harrods opened their Christmas grotto in July not so long ago. Interested in giving a set of luxury matbox and coasters to your family and friends? British interior designer Sarah Ward has the perfect box sets for you in many a shade. The high end tableware from Ward’s fittingly named Posh Trading Company has partnered with Harrods to offer exclusive editions until December 2016.

Posh Trading Company Matbox

Matbox is a collection of three serving mats, eight placemats and eight double coasters. Ward-designed collection is crafted by artisans using best materials available. A fact she noticed when buying tableware for her high-end clients was the lack of stylish in-built storage for them. She solved this problem by designing a container in two versions – one a silver leaf lacquered. The other, a crystal-clear acrylic box with jewelry box-like display of contents. Available in colors gold, silver, taupe, storm, blue, and rose gold.

Posh Trading Company Coastbox

The posh Coastbox consists of eight handcrafted coasters. You have a choice of radiant colors that varies from gold to silver to storm to blue and rose gold. Boxes are available in matching lacquered colors (£112) as well as in clear acrylic (£135).


Source: Posh Trading Co

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