Mahinarium Selfie Dolls – Self Portraits For The Selfie Obsessed

Magdi Selfie Doll

Hungary-based plush toymaker Mahinarium knows all too well that humans are a self-obsessed lot. That’s why most of you spend massive amount of time in front of the mirror. Thanks to new technology we have also mastered the art of taking tons of selfies for no reason. So, it cannot come as a surprise for anyone to learn that Mahinarium’ owner Magdi decided making “Selfie Dolls” is their specialty. And a good business too.

Sold online at Etsy store all you have to do is send a few whole figure photos to Magdi. She will then design and handsaw dolls to likeness of person in the photo. The whole idea of making a plush Selfie bears to your likeness is to have a bit of fun – Magdi does this by giving dolls a sweet cartoonish look. You have the option to choose the materials, accessories and size. Also customizable is overall look of it – you can go for a doll with a smile or a frown.

Magdi Selfie Doll

Magdi add more personality to Selfie Dolls by decorating them with handmade thick eyebrows and beards for gentlemen. She enhances looks of ladies by adding blushes, freckles and lipstick. Both genders can opt to add sunglasses, eyeglasses, afro hairstyles as well as your favorite headgear. Each doll measures around 12 inches tall. Final piece of customization is outfit – two pieces of clothing to your specifications come with the doll.

It doesn’t have to be you or your loved ones that get Selfie Dolled. Magdi also makes tailored dolls of your favorite celebrities and fictional characters. If you want a custom made Darth Vader, Tom Cruise, Justin Bieber or a Tony Soprano doll she is happy to attend to your needs. There is also the option to order giant dolls, they measure about 24 inches.

Creating Selfie Dolls takes about 3-4 weeks from the time Magdi receives the order and pictures. Pricing starts around $100 and they ship via Fedex. Tailor made to your likeness, so no refunds.

Magdi Selfie Doll

Source: Etsy Mahinarium

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