Luxury Trump Is Now Lux Pursuits!

Back in 2013, it was all fun and games to call this website Luxury Trump, the times have changed and it is time for a makeover. So we decided to give the website a new name: Lux Pursuits.

No matter the part of the world we live in – we all pursue best things in life. This is especially true about luxury, whether we can afford them or not we all follow trends and read stories about Louis Vuitton, MB&F, and Aston Martin (maybe some of you read more about Justin Beiber and Kim Kardashian). While you pursue the best life has to offer, we will bring the best stories from the world of luxury as well as from other intriguing sources.

You will see the Luxury Trump as website address for the foreseeable future until everything is gradually moved to Lux Pursuits.    


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