Luxury Liberty Gun Safe From Döttling Offers Secure Gun Storage

Döttling is one of the world’s premier makers of high-end safes. Their collection varies from safes for jewelry, watches, cigars and now for guns. The all-in-one Liberty gun safe not only has room for guns, it also offers space for other valuables.

Döttling Liberty Gun Safe 2

The luxury Liberty gun safe is made of top of the line materials, with its design based on Döttling’s Bel-Air safe. It features six calfskin lined small drawers with ample room to hold ammunition, watches, and jewelry. While a humidor made from Spanish cedar makes sure your best Cuban cigars are stored in perfect condition. Six automatic Döttling precision watch winders are also part of it. LED spotlights are used to illuminate the interiors, so you wouldn’t shot anything inside in the dark.

Döttling Liberty Gun Safe 3

Befitting a luxury safe Liberty’s upholstered exteriors arrive draped in premium black cowhide, with hand-sewn leather bands, traditional saddler’s nails, and high-gloss nickel-plated protective corners adding a touch of rustic and elegant appearance to it.

Fully customization options available including size, materials and a two door version. The safe is also available in the certified security levels VdS/EN 1 to VdS/EN 5, additionally, it can also be connected to a home security alarm system for insurance purposes. With customer needs and several customization options available, pricing is only on request.

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Source: Luxury Launches and Döttling

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