Back To School With $270 Yoyo Roy Rose From Louis Vuitton Gifting Collection

Louis Vuitton Yoyo Roy Rose

Don’t know if Europe’s “Back To School” supply list includes a luxury yo-yo from a French luxury brand. “IF” it is part of the list, then parents are in luck, as Louis Vuitton’s Art of Gifting Collection now offers Yoyo Roy Rose for just €230 (about $270). With so many Russian oligarchs, Middle Eastern oil sheiks, Indian and Chinese billionaires (we need special superlatives to describe tycoons of these two countries) having their second and third homes in Europe, and their children attending private schools, Louis Vuitton has no trouble finding a market for them.

Louis Vuitton Yoyo Roy Rose

The Art of Gifting range available only online, and the website describe Yoyo Roy Rose as “Colorful and fun, this Kawaii inspiration gives a psychedelic note to the iconic Monogram floral motif: while the yo-yo yarn unfolds and rewounds, in fact, the colors seem to blend into one another”. I guess, this is exactly what the kids and adults with a love for yo-yos need to hear when they make plans to buy an overpriced luxury version of it.

The pastel pink of Louis Vuitton yoyo is decorated with their monogram motif in yellow and gray on the side and a black yarn. Some of the regular readers might remember other everyday office/school supply items LV turned into must have luxuries – Gaston mousepad, Nikki ruler and the June pencil duo. Check Yoyo Roy Rose out here.

Source: Luxury Launches

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